Senior Portrait Sessions

At Captive Images Photography our Senior portrait sessions are designed to be a relaxed, personalized, and exciting experience. Your photo session can take place at our studio, on location at a park, your home, or at a location we may recommend. We want your senior photo session experience to be something you remember and enjoy! Our sessions are guaranteed to be exactly what YOU want, not the same old routine pictures you see from the common studios! Session fees are due on the day of your session.

Complete Experience Package $150.00

This session will last 2 hours at the Studio, Indoor and Outdoor, with unlimited clothing changes and outfits. Additionally, we offer add on packages which can increase 1 hour at a different %u201Con location%u201D setting to add more versatility to your package or to extend your studio session.

Location Experience Add-On $49.00 / Hr

On location at a pre-arranged and agreed on location, maximum of 2 outfits or changes per hour.

Studio Experience Add-On $49.00 / Hr

In studio session, minimum of 2 outfits or changes per hour.

Modeling%u201D Session Add-On $100.00

Add 1 hour onto your studio session for that unique and glamorous %u201CAmerica%u2019s Next Top Model%u201D look. Hair and Make-Up is included when you choose this fun and exciting add-on!

Hair and Make-Up $125.00

We also offer our highly recommended and award winning hair stylist and make-up artist added to your Complete Experience or Studio package. If you want to go completely wild, glamour, or vintage, now is your chance! Please plan for an additional 1 hour, not charged as session time.

Retouching and edits

Retouching and edits are included on all of our finished images. We also provide customized edits of some selected images for truly unique styles.

Print Pricing

All prints are professionally color balanced and printed on archival-quality photographic paper. Individual prints are also available online at

Standard Prints: *Metal Wall Prints: *Canvas Prints:

Wallets (8) $14.99

3x5 $4.99

4x6 $5.99

5x7 $8.99 $32.99

8x10 $18.99 $47.99 $47.99

8x12 $21.99 $69.99 $99.99

11x14 $59.99 $109.99 $109.99

16x20 $99.99 $209.99 $209.99

16x24 $114.99 $229.99 $229.99

20x30 $159.99 $274.99 $274.99

24x30 $179.00 $319.00 $339.00

*Metal Wall Prints are complete with finished corners and a standoff mount ready to hang.

*Canvas Wall Prints are permanently mounted to canvas on rigid art board.

5x7 Metal Curve $27.99

8x10 Metal Curve $39.99

8x12 Metal Curve $42.99

Wallet Tin $17.99

iPhone Case $29.99

Proof Book $74.99

Senior Folio $54.99

15x30 Composite $129.00

Senior Invitations start at $1.25 each per custom 2-sided color card

Digital Photo Albums

8x8 Glossy Photo Cover $245.00

10x10 Glossy Photo Cover $295.00

12x12 Glossy Photo Cover $345.00

Special Pricing and Offerings

We offer other items not currently mentioned in the individual print price list, such as key chains, magnets, and custom edited borders and frames.

Package Pricing

The Valedictorian $645.00

1 - 10x10 Senior Album

1 %u2013 16x20 Wall Portrait

4 %u2013 8x10%u2019s

6 %u2013 5x7%u2019s

10 %u2013 4x6%u2019s

96 wallets

The Graduate $495.00

1 - 8x8 Senior Album

1 %u2013 11X14 wall portrait

4 %u2013 8x10%u2019s

6 %u2013 5x7%u2019s

6 %u2013 4x6%u2019s

80 wallets

The Scholar $225.00

4 %u2013 8x10%u201Ds

6 %u2013 5x7%u2019s

5 %u2013 4x6%u2019s

40 wallets